Struck by how widespread back problems are amongst adults, D.O.(Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine) Raul Guelfi started to investigate posture during a child’s development in young people, to attempt to find a lowest common denominator capable of explaining this problem.

The findings of his research, undertaken during the Training Course in Posture Measurement Techniques at the Colle Val d’Elsa University Centre (Siena, Pisa and Florence Universities) have been published in a thesis: “Postural adaptation in children at school: stabilometric measurements before and after corrections. The importance of school furniture.”

In response to these findings, school furniture consisting of an adjustable chair and desk was designed in accordance with specific body measurements and the ease of use required of modern design projects.
The FAMI School division of FAMI immediately appreciated the importance and far-sightedness of this design project, and adopted it wholeheartedly: UP is the outcome of the company’s cooperation with the company and the doctors and scientists involved in the research project.

“This research project set out to measure the impact of “standard” school furniture on children’s posture, and above all to find out why back pain is becoming more and more common very early in life.

The lack of exercise is certainly a fundamental factor! But why is back pain considered to be the disease of the century? Why are there no statistics revealing the gender, category, age and type of work of the people most affected (except perhaps in terms of gravity) by this problem?

So I decided to find a Lowest Common Denominator shared by the whole population, especially during the years when the spinal column acquires its definitive form.
[…] a slight lumbar lordosis appears from three years of age, becoming more accentuated at age around eight before acquiring its definitive form at around ten years. So the form of the spinal column should be monitored from 5/6 years to 10/12 years, and above all the correct development of the spine needs to be assisted correctly and appropriately.

So school furniture, especially at this age but also during other periods, is incredibly important, because it is the dimensions of school furniture that establishes how the spine will develop.”


D.O. Raul Guelfi