The FAMI philosophy

at the service

of the UP project


Commercial partnerships,
the prioritisation of input
from the universities,
relations with the schools
and parents’ associations


The UP school furniture project was strongly interdisciplinary from the outset.
FAMI School immediately took on board the requirements of all the different stakeholders, monitoring needs and involving a variety of organisations to guarantee their constant implementation.

Scientific input was provided by the continual support of the Joint University Research Centre, together with the work of Orthopaedics Lecturer Raul Guelfi, owner of the patent for the adjustment system. Moreover, the involvement of the Italian Association of Postural Measurement Technicians allowed monitoring to be carried out in several Italian schools.
These contributions were then processed and used as data for the continual review of the design by the FAMI Research and Development Centre.

Collaboration at the national level with the Italian Parents’ Association (AGE) was another significant factor in ensuring the correct interpretation of families’ needs.

Last but not least, was the invaluable commercial advice of Gonzagarredi, market leader in the manufacture of school furniture.